Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Memories

There are three stages of a man’s life:
He believes in Santa Claus,
he doesn’t believe in Santa Claus,
he IS Santa Claus.
– Author unknown

I told you about doing a themed calendar ever year for my family here.  The two years that I had my siblings write childhood memories of each other was touching, sad, hilarous and "I didn't know that" all at once.  Here's a Christmas story one of my brothers wrote.

(Note: When my Dad was a young man, he somehow managed to break both of his little fingers but never had them treated. So both pinkies were permanently curved.)

One Christmas, Dad was apparently cajoled into dressing up and playing Santa Claus for us. As Santa was asking me what I wanted for Christmas, I noticed that his two little fingers were bent just like Dad’s. I told Santa that, to which he responded, “Really? I got mine from years of holding on to the reindeers’ reins,” holding his hands out in front of him as though he were doing just that. I felt embarrassed that I hadn’t thought of that, but instead, doubted Santa’s authenticity. – B

Quick thinking, Dad!!

Some of my on-line artist friends were kind enough to share a special Christmas memory with me.

Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love.
~ Hamilton Wright Mabie

Chris from Memoriesinmosaics has a VERY special Christmas memory. This story got me a bit teary-eyed. How sweet is this?

My fondest memory was just before Christmas of 1988. My husband, Ralph and I were married on December 23rd that year. He was my son's "Big Brother" for over a year so my kids knew him so well and loved him and all of my family and his flew out to see us get married and to be there for that Christmas. My son was "best man" and my daughter was my "maid of honor". My youngest was our "ring bearer", so that will forever be my favorite Christmas memory. - Christine

You can find Chris at:

The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree:
the presence of a happy family all wrapped up
in each other.
- Burton Hillis

Dava of Treasuresfromhawaii has a more mischievous memory:

Every Christmas Eve my two younger brothers and I would all sleep in the same room and talk about what the past years had brought us, just catching up from our little "busy schedules" - with lots of giggles to boot!

We would, of course, get in trouble several times as mom and dad just wanted us to go to sleep so they could put all the gifts out and get a little sleep themselves...We'd always wake up in the middle of the night and go "check-out" what Santa brought us trying as hard as11, 9 and 4-year-olds can be to keep quiet...This one year, as we were whispering loudly, giggling and rejoicing at our "loot", we heard my dad getting up and, like a bunch of meerkats on "point" at the sound of a giant hawk, we all froze then ran back to our room...First my second-youngest brother, myself then, in my panic to dive under the covers and be "safe" I proceeded to slam the door in my 4-year-old brother's face...And, BAM - he ran right into it with a resounding thud! I knew we were caught for sure... Then, as my dad came in wondering what was going on, out of my little brother's mouth came, "I was going to the bathroom and forgot I shut the bedroom door"! My other brother and I let out our held breaths and started laughing so hard we were so relieved....Of course, my dad told me years later he knew what we had been doing, but let us off the hook! Oh, boy, the good ole' days! - Dava

You can find Dava at:*

Everyone has a Christmas or holiday memory that comes to mind again at this time of year. What's yours? Go ahead - share it with us!


  1. Aloha Felicia! Just wanted to thank you for including my story in your wonderful post :D I loved this idea when u first mentioned u were doing this--so imaginative and fun...I so enjoyed reading your and Chris's lovely memories also - thanks for sharing with us parts of your pasts...God bless evy1 during this holiday season and may you have a joyous Christmas! :D Dava

  2. What a wonderful post! Loved hearing all the stories!

  3. Felica, this is a lovely post and brings back so many wonderful memories for everyone.
    I really loved the one about Santa and his fingers.

    The stained glass is absolutely beautiful.

    May you and your loved ones be blessed during this Holiday Season.

    Merry Christmas.

  4. Thank you ladies! Another memories post coming up!


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