Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Two New Treasuries!

Two lovely treasuries!  One of my carousel creatures is included in this colorful, whimsical one by bemusedart .  Stop by her shop and see more fun artwork!
Not your traditional mermaids
Created by: bemusedart Exp: 2 days

Another colorful treasury was created by stefny68.  I would like to be gifted with all of these too! Stephanie included my liquid magenta digital collage print, one of my own personal favorites. And speaking of favorites, many of the artists at the top of my list are included in this collection.

Stephanie also included one of my garden themed greeting cards in a collection on her blog - it's gorgeous! Take a look: http://dragonflydegignstudios.blogspot.com/

Created by: stefny68 Exp: 3 days


  1. So much talent in this world, huh?
    Thanks for showcasing them :)

  2. Great treasuries - I love all the colors!


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