Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Month of Thankfulness

This is the month of Thanksgiving, so it’s the perfect time for thankfulness.

I have written before about the online artist community, something I never really thought about when I set up my shop on Etsy. But I have learned since that it’s such a valuable resource – for inspiration, for information sharing and for good old-fashioned moral support. And in just over a year into my online experience, I have come to rely on that inspiration, knowledge and support from the online community. 

I’m also so impressed with how many “extra-curricular” activities some artists take on. Makes me wonder how they have time to do the laundry and grocery shopping much less spend hours making art!

So for a start, here’s a few artists I’m thankful for - and not incidentally, I love their art!

First up is ELIZABETH GRAF.  Elizabeth is my team member on Design Style Guide team and the Visual Arts Street Team (VAST). I call her the Treasury Queen because she does such a beautiful job curating Etsy Treasuries featuring team members to give them some additional exposure.

In addition, Elizabeth is a valuable member to both her teams and Etsy because of the many services and assistance she provides that I wonder how she ever has time to do any painting! But paint she does, and here’s some of my favorites.

I love all things Christmas:

Here's two of her Plumeria paintings:


DEREK COLLINS, also a team member on VAST and a follower of my blog, is another artist who has so much going on it’s amazing that he has time to paint. He has not one two Etsy shops – derekcollins and watercolorsbyderek - and I know he does a lot of craft shows and exhibitions.

Derek also has two very informative blogs that I follow:   A Painting Each Day  and  Derek Talks Art/ Painting Lessons, How to.
And Derek is always ready to answer questions and provide practical information and instructions for other artists on our team blogs. Here’s one of the many gorgeous acrylic paintings he does:

I have to admit I am partial to his watercolors.

This is an example of a new style/technique that he posted recently, where he carries the painting on to the mat. I love this one in particular:


CHRISTINE BURGESS is a follower of my blog and a Design Style Guide team member. Her shop is memoriesinmosaics and she has a blog as well: Her mosaics are not only uniquely beautiful but practical as well – frames, mirrors, plant wall hangers. I love how she incorporates other dimensional objects into her pieces, like these:


I have to confess – I love jewelry and I have quite a lot. But – I seldom wear what I have. Go figure! I can’t explain it, but besides tiny earring posts and a watch for everyday wear, only an occasion that requires dress-up will prompt a search through the jewelry box for me.

JODI HORGAN was one of the first followers of my blog. We originally became acquainted through the Thursday Sweet Treat blog where we both participate in the weekly art challenge.  Her Etsy shop is jodihorgan and she has a blog as well:  Her beading is so beautifully detailed, so exquisite – I love looking at it.

So my special thanks to all of you for your beautiful work, for your support for me and my blog, for the extra special things you do for the online community, and for helping me keep my head above water during this amazing artistic adventure we’re all on.

I’ll be doing more thankfulness features during November - stay tuned!


  1. Speaking of Etsy folks to be thankful for, I'm extremely thankful for YOU, Felicia! You have been incredibly helpful in critiquing my shop and giving me so many wonderful suggestions! And you are SO right, the Etsy community is such a wonderful place for inspiration and encouragement!

  2. Oh, Stephanie - how sweet of you! I'm glad that some of my suggestions were worthwhile. You're another one of those "Treasury Queens" - you do such a great job! Thanks!

  3. Felicia,

    Thank you. I'm thankful for you too. Although you make me really use my mind when I comes to charades, but that isn't a bad thing. I lately feel like my mind is going to mush.

    And I have to agree with how helpful and supportive both the etsy and tst community have been for me this last year.

    Cheers to all.

  4. Wonderful blog!

    You are a blessing to many, also.--:)


  5. Wonderful blog post and incredible artists!

  6. So lovely Felicia! Thank you for your wonderful (and edited) comments and for promoting me...

    Very appreciated,


  7. This is a great idea, Felicia! All these artists deserve our thanks and you do too!

  8. These are some beautiful artists! I have always loved Elizabeth's work and treasuries. She is so talented.

    I love the "Month of Thankfulness" idea; can't wait to read more!

  9. Welcome, squidart! I'm working on the next post right now. Stop back later!

  10. Thank you for sharing all these great artists & links, Felicia!


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