Sunday, November 8, 2009


We have a winner in the November Charades contest! The movie title was indeed "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World." Congratulations to BPR Designs for being the first one to guess the title. A special little surprise gift from my shop will be on its way.

The big winner, though, for my "Imagine It" print is:


Diana's Etsy shop is Lancasterart, and her "Mad Cow" was one of the clues for the Charades game. When I popped over to take a look at her work I was blown away by her "gallery of contemporary spiritual art and the spirit horse paintings." I am especially taken with the spirit horse paintings. Here's some of my favorites:

Diana also has animal art, figurative art, and abstracts:


Take a look at all of her other work - it's lovely!  That's why I like doing "Let's Play Charades" and having you play the game  -  we discover so many new artists on Etsy that we might not have discovered otherwise!


  1. Felicia I am thrilled! Thanks so much for featuring my art. Can't wait to get Imagine It. will be hanging it in a special place in the studio.

  2. Hi Diana. You told me you really liked the print so I'm thrilled that you won. It's on its way to you!


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