Saturday, October 10, 2009

Life Happens

I apologize for missing in action the last few days, but two "life happens" came together to create a crazy-busy week for me. 

My big sis, who has degenerative lumbar discs, suffered an acute attack of sciatica which knocked her down (quite literally, once). The past week and a half has been filled with drugs, injections, doctor visits, and one emergency room visit.  Her kiddos and I have been helping her get around to the docs, fixing meals, running errands, etc.

If you have never had any kind of nerve-related pain, count yourself very lucky. As a veteran of four back fusion surgeries (a story for another time), I know full well that nerve pain is the worst pain I ever had, worse than the surgeries themselves.  My family lost the genetic roulette game for good backs. I think all of us have back pain of one kind or another, and I got the worst of it with a very crooked spine thanks to scoliosis.

But I find that going through a health crisis myself is easier than watching someone I love suffer, knowing there's little I can do to relieve the pain. Right now, we're awaiting one more appointment for my sister with another doctor, and I hope that will be the one to give us some definite treatment answers. I can't stand to watch her suffer anymore. Here's my favorite photo of my big sis as a little girl - that's my mom directly behind her, the others are aunts and uncles.  Sad to think my mom and all these aunts and uncles have passed away.

Here's the second reason why it's been a crazy week for me:

Before the crisis with my sister, I had made arrangements to have my stairwell area and my loft studio repainted. Most of my studio has built-in storage, but my STUFF had to be moved.  It is now stacked in my bedroom and I'm once more amazed at how much STUFF I have. I have always maintained that in my experience, the biggest hoarders of STUFF are artists and teachers.  I'm not talking about clinically diagnosed hoarders - I'm talking about the "I-can-use-this-for-something" hoarders.  Artists do it because they are artists and look at the potential of objects and ephemera quite differently, teachers because they never seem to get enough money from their schools to do those special projects and decorations for their students.  AM I RIGHT?!?!

I thought this would be a good time to get this done, but it's taking longer than I expected because of my sister's crisis, and I'm anxious to put it back so I can return to the Christmas art and gifts I had been working on. I still have good intentions to sort and get rid of some STUFF before I put it all back, but we shall see how that goes ....

Can you relate? Back problems and/or STUFF??



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Finally, I intended to have a very special post for Breast Cancer Awareness month. It's going to be a little late, but I will post it in the next few days, and it will have a special offer for my blog readers. 

Have a great weekend!


  1. Felicia, I can totally relate to the hoarding. I would add Girl Scout leaders to that list of hoarders. I'm constantly holding on to things I think that I could use with my daughter's troop. The crazy thing is that if I need something for a project, I can usually find it at home or put out an email to the other leaders. Nine times out of ten someone has what I need.

    Can't relate to the back issues, but I have family members who are constantly plagued by the problem. I wish the best to you and your family. Good luck with getting all your stuff back in it rightful place.

  2. Girl Scout leaders - yes, definitely! I know what you mean about usually having what you need. Many times for an occasion I have been able to put together the gift, the tissue, the box, the card, the gift wrapping, and the ribbon right from my stash without ever going to the store!

    My sis is doing better today, and I'm trying not to hurt MY back putting my studio back together ...

  3. Felicia, your sister and you are in my thoughts and prayers...Hang in there and big hugs for your sister.
    Good luck and take care!

  4. BTW - I love your family picture! (nostalgia ...)

  5. Thanks, Jen. My sister is doing better today - the latest drug is finally kicking in. I have some great old pix from my mom's collection. My big sis was the oldest, so she and my oldest brother had a lot of photos taken when they were kids. The rest of us - not so much. The picture taking goes down as the number of kids goes up .... LOL


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