Thursday, October 1, 2009

October Charades Contest

Here's the Charades contest for October!

How it works: I post art from various Etsy shops and each photo represents one word in the title, in the correct order. In most cases (but not all) I will ignore short prepositions (a, an, the).

The prize: A drawing will be held from all comments submitted for a free gift with free shipping from my shop. For this feature, your prize will be $15.00 toward your choice from my etsy shop. Also: The first person to submit the correct answer, in addition to being in the drawing, will receive another small gift from my shop, perhaps a gift card or an ACEO or some other surprise.

Want to increase your odds? You can be entered in the drawing up to three times: (1) Take your guess, (2) In a separate comment, tell us your favorite artwork from one or more of these shops, (3) In a separate comment, tell me you signed up to follow my blog. If you are already following, you can post a separate comment to mention that. (More than three comments from the same person will not be counted.) The winner will be selected by random number generator.


HINT: Not every movie is a great movie.  
HINT: Is it spelled sci-fi or sy-fy?
HINT: It's interesting to me that two very different objects (like maybe an animal and something else) can accomplish the very same result in the end.
OKAY, ONE MORE HINT:  The untitled last piece of art shown here, by yours truly, is titled "Cyberspace."

Untitled, (Unpublished) by anotherbrightidea

OK, have at it!


  1. I've tried and tried... I can not get this one yet... you made a hard one this time LOL!

  2. I love "The Tree" from DestinyWomack!

  3. Hi Melanie -
    I did try to make this a little more challenging this time - the answers aren't quite as OBVIOUS as before. That was a hint! ;)
    I might sneak in more hints here and there so everybody should stay tuned ...

  4. HI Robin and Roro -
    Thanks for following!! Take a guess and get another chance to win.

  5. I love this idea! Prize or no, I hope you'll post a lot of charades to play with. What a great way to do an Etsy showcase!

    Of course I'm following-- don't want to miss a game!:F


  6. I unfortunately don't see a lot of the best I can guess is something like "Cowboy Rainbow", which seems unlikely.


  7. Only thing I can think of is "Cowz in Space" which I'm not even sure IS a movie! Great idea to create a charades game, though!

  8. Hi Stef *waving*
    Remember - each artwork represents one word in the title. So there's four words in this title. (Actually, one of them is a word and a number.) That's another hint!

  9. Is is Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer?

  10. I like this print

  11. following your blog via google friend connect

  12. @} - good guess, but that's not it. The good news is you now have three chances to win at the end of the month. Thanks for stopping by!

  13. ooo i am not sure i am able to guess!

    hockiemack at


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