Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Design Style Guide Giveaway and a New Treasury

Thanks to some "life happens" moments lately, I'm way behind on a few things, so here's a catchup post.

The Design Style Guide team, of which I am a member, is sponsoring the #5 giveaway and this one is a special treat. It features Diane Clancy, who does some absolutely incredible work, instantly recognizeable. The contest runs only until October 21 (I said I was behind schedule!) You'll get a $20 certificate for any of her shops!

I became acquainted with Diane early on when I joined Etsy, because she is one of those artists who is very supportive and helpful to other artists. Diane was responsible for introducing me to the Design Style Guide team, an incredibly talented and active group. Thank you, Diane. The other thing about Diane - I keep asking myself, "how does she do it?" If you go to her blog, in the right hand column there's a list of art sites and blogs that she is involved in. It will make you feel like a real slacker - she just must not sleep at all!!

Go here to enter the DSG giveaway!

I also made it into another Treasury:

A few of my favorites.
Created by: holzfurhaus Exp: 2 days

Such gorgeous colors! My Liquid Lavender print fits right in.

Liquid Lavender

What you must also do is visit holzfurhaus - Mark does the most amazing wood turned pieces - he's a true artisan! Don't know what wood turning is? If you love natural, organic products, take a look and you will fall in love.  Thanks, Mark - I'm so glad I found you!


  1. Hey there. How have you been?

    Great treasury! Very soothing. Will have to check out the DSG giveaway - thanks for pointing it out

  2. Hi Stacey -
    I'm good but crazy-busy. Just never enough hours in the day for me.


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