Sunday, September 13, 2009

Treats and Wreaths

Some new work that I finally listed on Etsy:

I have participated in almost all of the weekly calls for art at the Thursday Sweet Treat blog. I have been so crazy busy, that I haven’t posted the last few works I submitted. So here’s my catchup post.

The most recent theme was “A Little Flavor.” I decided that whatever flavor you are or can be is up to you. So:

“Purple Passion” was a popular theme – I submitted two pieces. I don’t know if purple bleeding hearts actually exist, but thanks to Photoshop, in MY world they do. Ditto for purple mums. Ahh … the power …

I also recently posted these new festive wreaths.

The first four are listed in the "Home Decor" section; The second four are listed in the "Everything for the Holidays" section.
There … I think I’m caught up for the moment!
Don’t forget to post a comment for the September Charades contest. Click on the link in the right sidebar and be eligible for a $15 gift certificate from my shop.  I am busy working on holiday projects so you'll have even more to choose from by the end of the month.

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