Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Spider Tale

Truth is, I do not like spiders AT ALL. So when I came downstairs the other day and found this large one outside my window, sitting in the middle of a gigantic web, I didn't panic only because it was on the other side of the glass.  And I forced myself to take the photos because I have been working on some Halloween ACEOs and thought some spider photos might come in handy.
Then a strange thing happened. The next morning not only was the spider gone but that gigantic web was gone. Very puzzling - there was no rain overnight;  it didn't look like some other critter had gotten at the web because there were no torn remnants left behind - it was just completely and neatly gone. Hmmm ... do spiders pack up their webs and sneak off into the night??
On Tuesday I came down for breakfast; still no spider. I came back upstairs to my studio, sat down to work and ... there it is again: right outside the second floor window with a nice new web! I guess it wanted to move up in the world ...
So I guess as long as this guy stays on the other side of the glass it's peaceful coexistence for us. But don't you DARE try to come inside!   


  1. LOL! I Love this that this spider is moving up in the world..,great line! I like spiders...I'm always fascinated by the intricate work they do but the fact that the web was gone and moved up is crazy. It makes me want to get night vision goggles to see what happens while we sleep...all the work to move the home....maybe he just wanted to pose for another great photo LOL

  2. Update: Although the web is still there the spider is now gone from upstairs. I'm a little apprehensive wondering where it might pop up next ... *nervous LOL*

  3. Oh My- maybe he (she?) went into hibernation - I don't know do spiders hibernate! lo - that is so wild - and so perfect for your wonderful photo!

  4. Well, that spider is back again outside the upstairs window. He-she-it caught a fly and wrapped it up then ate it today. I can't believe I'm watching all this because spiders really creep me out! Lucky it's outside; if it was inside it would have been dead days ago ...

  5. She is a beautiful Orbweaver spider and I wish you both a harmonious existence. :)

    Lori/Orbweaver oh and that is my Staring Spider signature logo

  6. Lori - Thank you! You are absolutely right - I googled and that's my spider. I also found the explanation for why the entire web disappeared:
    "Many orb-weavers build a new web each day. Generally, towards evening, the spider will consume the old web, rest for approximately an hour, then spin a new web in the same general location." I'm still not in love with spiders, but I admit this guy builds a pretty impressive web. Thanks again for the info!


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