Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sad Thoughts and Sunny Weather

"Sorrow and scarlet leaf,
Sad thoughts and sunny weather.
Ah me, this glory and this grief
Agree not well together!"- Thomas Parsons, 1880, A Song For September

That quote touches on what I feel about this time of year. For the last few days I have been in a mood - melancholy is probably the best word - a mood that seems to hit me when we start sliding from summer to fall. The best thing about living in Michigan is that we have very clearly defined seasons, but what autumn brings is so not what I look forward to. So few hours of daylight, the downward trajectory of the thermometer, the inevitable arrival of winter. Working at home as a full-time artist is by it's very nature a solitary pursuit, hours and sometimes days spent without human contact, especially since I'm selling online and depend on feedback from others who I "know" only online. When the weather turns cold and difficult, that sometimes imposes it's own kind of isolation. And that's the part I don't like since I don't tolerate cold and therefore never enjoyed winter sports. (To my mind, the only good part of winter is Christmas - arguably my favorite holiday. I think the year should be: Spring, Summer, Fall, one week of snow at Christmas, then Spring again!)

Thank goodness, the artist in me eventually emerges, the melancholy lifts, and I delight in the beauty that fall brings. It pulls me away from the last sad gasps of my garden by pulling my eyes upward toward the changing colors of the trees and the new slant of the sun. I'll soon be out with my camera trying as best I can to capture this short colorful season.

How about you? Does the weather affect you the way it does me? What's your favorite season? What is it about that season that affects you?

I recently found this quote that perfectly relates the weather to art:

Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting and autumn a mosaic of them all. - Stanley Horowitz

In spite of this melancholy, I have been working on autumn themed work, and just posted this in my shop:

I have a Bittersweet vine in my garden and every fall I refresh this wreath with more of its berries. Quite popular on my site are the note card set and the ACEO with the image of this wreath hanging on my front porch.

It also appeared in an Etsy Treasury (below) today:

bittersweet I'm in the mood for Autumn! Created by: thecleverkitty

If you have kids, you'll love her shop. Stop by.


  1. I can completely relate to your feelings about winter. We moved from Denver 5 years ago because I felt like a prisoner in my own home when it would snow. I was petrified to drive in it as it seemed like all my car did was slide around and I would see other SUV's upside down and sideways. I was basically housebound for 6 months out of the year. That is the main reason we moved to sunny Florida.
    Your wreath, however, is quite beautiful and I do love the colors of the autumn.

  2. That's quite a move, Christine, Denver to Florida. I agree winter is a challenge to get around in, although I suspect Denver snow is worse than Michigan's. I think we get more of the deep freeze temps. I suppose if I had the means, I would become one of those snow bunnies that go to Florida or someplace equally warm for the winter. Dream on ...

    Glad you like the wreath!

  3. Gorgeous wreaths!

    I hear you on the weather & moods, Felicia. I miss the snow & especially the Fall, since we moved to Fla 10+ years ago. But I do not miss the grey skies of New England. The almost constant sun has really made a difference on my moods


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