Monday, September 28, 2009

New Treasury

I'm in a really fun Halloween Treasury - although I'm a little freaked out by that spider in the middle.  If I ever came across this guy I would definitely be running the other way!  My spider on the Don't open it ACEO is downright pretty in comparison. 

BTW, here's an update on the post about my spider: a reader kindly informed me that my spider is an Orbweaver. When I looked it up I found out I wasn't crazy for saying its web just disappeared one day. Apparently that's exactly what these spiders do: they build a large, perfectly concentric web, then they eat it all up and go somewhere else to build another one! I know not why ... recycling in the arachnid world??

Anyway, back to the treasury. It was created by Elizabeth Graf, who is an incredibly accomplished and talented painter. Not only that, she's a VAST team member and one of THE most helpful and generous people on Etsy.  I'm amazed that she finds the time to paint with all the other activities she's involved in with helping other artists, trying to keep Etsy honest, creating treasuries and just generally being an active and committed team member.  I'm honored to be in any treasury she creates.  Be sure to stop by and visit her shop - you'll be blown away!

All the Best
Created by: ElizabethGraf Exp: 2 days

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  1. I love Elizabeth's treasuries! She is so generous with them! This one has such a fun theme.


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