Saturday, September 19, 2009

New Bonus Treasury!

I am included in another Treasury and this one's a bonus: two of my pieces are included! One is my "Words" series card, "Smile" and the other is my set of  "Dad" blocks.  Click on the Treasury to go directly to it to see a much better copy that you see here.
The treasury was created by: sagewest .  The wonderful thing about being included in Treasuries is the exposure - not only for me, but to give me exposure to so many other wonderful artists. And that's the case with Sagewest. Her shop has some absolutely gorgeous paintings,  drawings and notecards. Her drawings, especially, are exquisite.  Take a look.

A few of my favorites.


  1. congrats on getting two items in a treasury! I know I was always thrilled when something of mine got in a treasury when I was on etsy. But, 2 - double thrill! YAY!

  2. Thanks for the congrats - I was kind of thrilled to see it. It's gratifying just to know that someone thought your work was worth featuring.


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