Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New Treasury

This treasury is something special. It includes my falling leaves digital print. But the really special part is that it is dedicated to singer Eva Cassidy's version of "Autumn Leaves."  I have been a huge Eva Cassidy fan for years. I first heard one of her songs in a bar (yes, I do go to bars occasionally *wink*) and was so blown away I had to ask the bartender who it was. I started buying her CDs the next day.

Sadly, Eva is no longer with us. She died at the young age of 33 in 1996 from melanoma. At the time she was basically a local favorite and hadn't achieved much national attention. Since her death she has become more famous and even more beloved than she was in life. You can read about her here and I'm sure you can hear some of her songs on Amazon. You will be amazed at the interpretation she gives to familiar tunes, such as "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," "Autumn Leaves" and my personal favorite, "Fields of Gold."  You will fall in love with her.

Abundant thanks to localcolorist for including me. And talk about falling in love, you will feel the same about her lovely Peace Crane Origami Permanent Ornaments. You may already be familiar with origami peace cranes, but here they are treated to be permanent to spread peace for a long time to come. Can't beat that! 
Created by: localcolorist Exp: 2 days

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