Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Celebrating a day late!

I had all good intentions of having a big celebration on the one-year anniversary of opening my etsy shop. But I kept forgetting to look and see what that date was. And I missed the whole thing - it was yesterday!!

Impatient as I am, however, I wish I had more hours in the day to create and that my sales would happen as frequently as I post new work. Overall, though, I'm happy I joined this community. And I think I'll hang around for awhile longer.

So - Happy Anniversary a day late, Another Bright Idea!

Shameless promotion: Help me celebrate by posting a comment on my September charades contest - see the link in the right sidebar.


  1. Happy Etsyversary, Felicia!!!! and many mooooore (singing) :0) I would comment on your charades post but I would have to cheat...I know nothing about country music. That's a fun idea though!

  2. Singing, no less! Thank you, Janet! You don't have to know anything about country music because the title has been guessed already! HOWEVER, you can still post a comment about the artists featured and be entered into the drawing. And since you signed up to follow my blog you have one entry already. Come back again soon!

  3. Hey Felicia - I left you a comment here yesterday. Hope your comments aren't going funny again....

    Just wishing you a hearty congrats!!

  4. So sorry, Stacey. I sent you an email.

    If anyone has trouble posting a comment, please try to remember what happened and send me an email so I can try to track down the problem.



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