Wednesday, September 30, 2009

September Charades Winner!

You guessed it!  Here's some trivia about "Blue Eyes Cryin' in the Rain". The song was written in 1945 and originally performed by Roy Acuff. The 1975 recording by Willie Nelson is perhaps the most famous one and jump-started Willie's career. Prior to that he had been known primarily as a song writer ("Crazy" by Patsi Cline and "Hello Walls" by Faron Young - I can hear you singing both of these right now!) The song is also considered to be the last song Elvis Presley sang (at the piano in the music room at Graceland) before his death on August 16th 1977.  Thus ends the entire sum of my knowledge of country music! 

Listen to Willie, then see below for contest winners.

The  first one - among many - to guess the song was ZenDotStudio. She'll be receiving a special gift from me.

BUT - The BIG WINNER for a $15 gift certificate is:


Congratulations, Melanie! I'll be contacting you regarding your gift certificate to my shop.  And thanks to everyone who participated. Be sure to come back for the next one.

I'll be posting the October Charades contest tomorrow. And once again, game on! This time I'm convinced I have made it a lot tougher for you to guess, so we shall see .....

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


The double giveaway and interview I shared with Lynne Reichhart on her blog ended today. It has been great fun working with Lynne and introducing you to the fabulous artwork in her Etsy shop.  Lynne is also choosing a winner on her blog today for my set of greeting cards from my "Words" series.

So without further ado, the winner of Lynne's beautiful Spanish Courtyard tile is:


Congratulations!  I'll be contacting you with instructions on how to claim your prize.

Thanks to all of you who responded. I will be doing double giveaways from time to time with other artists, so be sure to stop by regularly.

And you have just one more day to enter my monthly Charades contest.  The winner will be chosen at the end of the day tomorrow, and a new contest will be posted on Thursday, October 1.  I know, I know - I can't believe it's already October either!!

New Treasury

This treasury is something special. It includes my falling leaves digital print. But the really special part is that it is dedicated to singer Eva Cassidy's version of "Autumn Leaves."  I have been a huge Eva Cassidy fan for years. I first heard one of her songs in a bar (yes, I do go to bars occasionally *wink*) and was so blown away I had to ask the bartender who it was. I started buying her CDs the next day.

Sadly, Eva is no longer with us. She died at the young age of 33 in 1996 from melanoma. At the time she was basically a local favorite and hadn't achieved much national attention. Since her death she has become more famous and even more beloved than she was in life. You can read about her here and I'm sure you can hear some of her songs on Amazon. You will be amazed at the interpretation she gives to familiar tunes, such as "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," "Autumn Leaves" and my personal favorite, "Fields of Gold."  You will fall in love with her.

Abundant thanks to localcolorist for including me. And talk about falling in love, you will feel the same about her lovely Peace Crane Origami Permanent Ornaments. You may already be familiar with origami peace cranes, but here they are treated to be permanent to spread peace for a long time to come. Can't beat that! 
Created by: localcolorist Exp: 2 days

Monday, September 28, 2009


This week is BIG!! It's the countdown to two giveaways:

You have until Tuesday before noon to comment to win that gorgeous tile by lynne reichhart. The random number drawing will be posted after noon the same day.

Also, my September Charades contest ends on Wednesday.  The prize is a $15 gift certificate to my shop.  If you haven't posted a comment yet, get moving!  You won't be sorry - I am really busy creating Christmas decorations and gifts, so you could be giving yourself a big jump on holiday shopping.

Then on Thursday I will be posting the October Charades contest. Once again, I'm going to try to make it tougher to beat all you smart people out there!  Stop back on Thursday and let me know if I have succeeded.  (Keeping my fingers crossed!)

New Treasury

I'm in a really fun Halloween Treasury - although I'm a little freaked out by that spider in the middle.  If I ever came across this guy I would definitely be running the other way!  My spider on the Don't open it ACEO is downright pretty in comparison. 

BTW, here's an update on the post about my spider: a reader kindly informed me that my spider is an Orbweaver. When I looked it up I found out I wasn't crazy for saying its web just disappeared one day. Apparently that's exactly what these spiders do: they build a large, perfectly concentric web, then they eat it all up and go somewhere else to build another one! I know not why ... recycling in the arachnid world??

Anyway, back to the treasury. It was created by Elizabeth Graf, who is an incredibly accomplished and talented painter. Not only that, she's a VAST team member and one of THE most helpful and generous people on Etsy.  I'm amazed that she finds the time to paint with all the other activities she's involved in with helping other artists, trying to keep Etsy honest, creating treasuries and just generally being an active and committed team member.  I'm honored to be in any treasury she creates.  Be sure to stop by and visit her shop - you'll be blown away!

All the Best
Created by: ElizabethGraf Exp: 2 days

Friday, September 25, 2009

Two New Treasuries!

I am appearing in two more treasuries, both of which are gorgeous! My Liquid Purple digital print is included in the first one; the second has my Four Apples photograph.  Stop by to see them in better color than you can see here.  And both of these artists are having sales right now - Stefny68 has gorgeous paintings, cards, altered books, and TheEarringBoutique has some seriously cute earrings.  Take a look - they're both worth your time! 

A few of my favorites.
Created by: stefny68 Exp: 3 days

A few of my favorites.
Created by: TheEarringBoutique Exp: 3 days

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sorcerer's Apprentice Redux

The images below were submitted to the Thursday Sweet Treat challenge this week, Childhood Flicks. One movie I remember having had a profound impression on me was the Sorcerer's Apprentice sequence from Disney's Fantasia. (See it here:  I remember Mickey Mouse putting on the sorcerer's hat and creating all those beautiful effects in the sky, all timed to that explosive classical music.  Loved it - maybe that's why I'm an artist?!

I haven't put these in my shop yet. What do you think?

Reality Trumps Prophecy

Somewhere in the bowels of my "quotations" folder, hides a collection of short-sighted sayings. These "prophecies" fascinate me because more often than not they are totally off-the-mark.  Trust me, I'm not immune to it.

One of the "five things about me" that I posted in my interview and giveaway on artbylmr's blog was that when they first appeared on the scene I predicted the Beatles were just a fad and wouldn't last!  HA! How wrong could I be????

I was recently reminded of this by an article in Time Magazine. Here's a few statements they posted:

"Sensible and responsible women do not want to vote." Grover Cleveland, 1905
(I take it then that men were foolish and irresponsible??)

"Our total national production 50 years from now will be four times as much as it is today." Harry Truman, 1950
(It turned out to be 33 times as large.)

It (Rock 'n Roll) will be gone by June." Variety magazine, 1955
(Rock around the clock and the calendar ....)

"It will be years - not in my time - before a woman will become Prime Minister." Margaret Thatcher, 1969
(You go, Maggie girl!!! Glad you were wrong.)

Actually, I'm glad all of them (and me!) were wrong. Think about it the next time you are tempted to make some grand pronouncement, like you really know what you are talking about.  ROFL!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New Treasury

Wow - my spider made it into a treasury!!  That guy gets around, doesn't he??

A few of my favorites.
Created by: NaturesStudio Exp: 2 days

The Treasury was created by one of my Design Style Guide team members: NaturesStudio.
Her shop is incredible! Here's how she describes it: "Unique and whimsical candle holders, mirrors, clocks, suncatchers, ornaments, and much more featuring animals and nature as a theme." I love it all!!
Take a look.

Even better: "*20% of proceeds from my 'Art' shop section will go to the Etsy for Animals Charity of the Month," That's nice.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Today I’m in the studio with Lynne Reichhart of Artbylmr. Lynne was the winner for the last double giveaway I sponsored along with Artsnark.

So Lynne and I decided to do another double giveaway! Lynne is featuring me on her blog today as well at And we are both offering giveaways. I’m offering a set of four blank inspirational note cards from my “Words” series.

But first, pour a cup of coffee or tea, sit back and enjoy my visit with Lynne, a very talented and busy artist.

FK: You are definitely a busy artist. Tell us where we can find you and your work.

Thanks for asking – My etsy shop is My very own website is and my blog is Stop by and sign up for my newsletter! You can also find my work on t-shirts, mugs, mousepads and so much more at I just discovered and now have my art on Keds sneakers and skateboards – ain’t technology grand!

FK: That’s incredible! Are you formally trained or self-taught?
I can now say that I am an award winning artist, because I just won 2nd place in an exhibition in the acrylic category. I am primarily self-taught, but I take adult classes at a wonderful art institution in my community. It is affiliated with Pratt Art Institute in NYC. I love the camaraderie and support the classroom setting provides and it also gets my butt off the computer and at the easel.

FK: Talk to me about your etsy shop. You use quite a few different media – acrylic, watercolor, jewelry, etc.

I have had a shop on Etsy for almost 2 years. I love it! It is so great to have the opportunity to show and sell my work to such a wide customer base. I offer acrylic pieces, watercolor paintings, colored pencil drawings, giclee reproductions and some fun gift items featuring my art. I am particularly fond of hand painting my tiny scrabble tile pendants. They sell pretty well too.

FK: What inspires you? Where do you look – or go – for inspiration?

I am drawn to subjects that have a nice play of light and shadow, be it a building, flower or rusty old boat! I love to paint all kinds of subjects. I would definitely get bored doing all flowers or all still lifes. Fall scenes are also a favorite subject of mine.

FK: As an artist what is most gratifying to you and what’s not so gratifying?

Being an artist is frustrating, joyous, tedious, invigorating and wonderful all rolled into one. I love to paint, but just can’t always find the time to do it. Artists must also be salesmen and women. I do enjoy the on-line forums and marketing, but too often it keeps me from doing my craft. I need to set aside computer time and stick to it!

FK: As if you’re not busy enough, do you exhibit your work anywhere else?

I just tried my first 2 craft fairs this in August. I loved meeting the people. I got a few sales and lots of compliments so my ego got a boost. I also exhibit whenever I can at local venues. I recently had a solo show at a local library and another coming up in November. I have also exhibited in several juried group shows. I love getting my work out there for people to see.

FK: With all of your artistic activities, you need a break once in awhile. What do you do for relaxation?

When I am not being an artist, I really enjoy hiking, biking, cross-country skiing and aerobics. I love to eat and I am a dessert freak so I need to burn it off. I also love to read – mostly mysteries at this point. Since fall is here I can also partake in my favorite outdoor work – raking leaves!

FK: Finally, tell us five things that most people don’t know about you.

Mmmm ... five things that most people don’t know. That is tough with all the Facebook lists that I have filled out.
1. I have a tattoo of a shamrock on my lower back.
2. I love vintage muscle cars.
3. I would love to paint 60’s and 70’s era toys, but am not sure about the copyright issues.
4. I bought a Twiggy carrying case for $1 and sold it on Ebay for $275.
5. I still eat hot spaghetti with mayo on occasion.

And now for the giveaway:

Spanish Courtyard Tile Coaster

This tile features a pretty image of a courtyard in Spain. It measures 4.25 X 4.25 inches and is created from the original acrylic painting. You will love the bright colors.

The tile is dishwasher safe and has felt feet to protect your wood surfaces. May scratch from abrasive contact.

All you have to do is make a comment to this post. That’s all! A name will be drawn from all the comments by random number generator AFTER NOON NEXT TUESDAY (9/29). Yep, this giveaway is just for one week and is open to anyone, domestic and worldwide. So don't wait.

After you have commented, be sure to wander on over and visit Lynne’s shops. I know you’ll love everything you see there. And you can see my feature and giveaway at Lynne’s blog:

Thank you for a nice visit, Lynne, and for that lovely giveaway!

Monday, September 21, 2009

New Treasury

I'm on a roll with treasuries again.  Here's another one, featuring my wooden blocks for big kids. Love the black/white/orange/yellow palette. And once again, I have found a wonderful artist,  Tina Mammoser, who paints exquisite abstracts: The Cycling Artist.

Created by: thecyclingartist Exp: 2 days

Are You Playing Today?

It's just about a week until my September Charades Contest is over. Have you stopped in and posted a comment? A $15 gift certificate to my shop can buy quite a lot! Think Halloween ...  

Saturday, September 19, 2009

New Bonus Treasury!

I am included in another Treasury and this one's a bonus: two of my pieces are included! One is my "Words" series card, "Smile" and the other is my set of  "Dad" blocks.  Click on the Treasury to go directly to it to see a much better copy that you see here.
The treasury was created by: sagewest .  The wonderful thing about being included in Treasuries is the exposure - not only for me, but to give me exposure to so many other wonderful artists. And that's the case with Sagewest. Her shop has some absolutely gorgeous paintings,  drawings and notecards. Her drawings, especially, are exquisite.  Take a look.

A few of my favorites.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Vibrant Fiery Fall

Fall is in the air and on everyone's minds as we slip slowly from summer to autumn.  Some of these images were submitted for the Thursday Sweet Treat challenge this week for the theme "Vibrant Fiery Fall."   I decided to include my spider buddy too. These are posted in my Etsy shop as ACEOs, but are also available as 5x7 prints.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Spider Tale

Truth is, I do not like spiders AT ALL. So when I came downstairs the other day and found this large one outside my window, sitting in the middle of a gigantic web, I didn't panic only because it was on the other side of the glass.  And I forced myself to take the photos because I have been working on some Halloween ACEOs and thought some spider photos might come in handy.
Then a strange thing happened. The next morning not only was the spider gone but that gigantic web was gone. Very puzzling - there was no rain overnight;  it didn't look like some other critter had gotten at the web because there were no torn remnants left behind - it was just completely and neatly gone. Hmmm ... do spiders pack up their webs and sneak off into the night??
On Tuesday I came down for breakfast; still no spider. I came back upstairs to my studio, sat down to work and ... there it is again: right outside the second floor window with a nice new web! I guess it wanted to move up in the world ...
So I guess as long as this guy stays on the other side of the glass it's peaceful coexistence for us. But don't you DARE try to come inside!   

New Treasury

In fields of lavender 

This treasury was created by: Art2ArtColorado.  Cheri had a unique idea: she took a painting by Jean Hood (third row, center) and then found other artists' work that picked up the same colors. My liquid lavender print (first row, right) was included, thank you.  I can't seem to get the copy of the Treasury to show the vivid colors well so you must see the Treasury in all its glory and visit all the artists' shops for some incredible bursts of color. And talking about color you must visit the Art2ArtColorado shop for some absolutely gorgeous artwork - I'm very envious! 

Monday, September 14, 2009


Not long ago I created this 8x10" print especially for a friend who was going through a difficult emotional time.  With her generous permission I just posted it in my Etsy shop. I love the quote and I try hard to be that kind of friend. What about you? Are you with your friends in both good and bad times?  Have a great week.  And call a friend.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Treats and Wreaths

Some new work that I finally listed on Etsy:

I have participated in almost all of the weekly calls for art at the Thursday Sweet Treat blog. I have been so crazy busy, that I haven’t posted the last few works I submitted. So here’s my catchup post.

The most recent theme was “A Little Flavor.” I decided that whatever flavor you are or can be is up to you. So:

“Purple Passion” was a popular theme – I submitted two pieces. I don’t know if purple bleeding hearts actually exist, but thanks to Photoshop, in MY world they do. Ditto for purple mums. Ahh … the power …

I also recently posted these new festive wreaths.

The first four are listed in the "Home Decor" section; The second four are listed in the "Everything for the Holidays" section.
There … I think I’m caught up for the moment!
Don’t forget to post a comment for the September Charades contest. Click on the link in the right sidebar and be eligible for a $15 gift certificate from my shop.  I am busy working on holiday projects so you'll have even more to choose from by the end of the month.

New Treasury

My Autumn Wreath sure is popular! It's appearing in yet another treasury.  The wreath is getting lots of views - wonder if anyone will ever buy it.

I'm excited about fall! 

Created by: ileana, who has a lovely jewelry store.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

New Treasury

My "Weeping Cherry Blossoms" is in a new treasury:
Virginal Virgo / Happy September Birthdays
It was created by deb babcock.  This copy doesn't do justice to the colors - you have to go and take a look at the original.
And while you're there, visit Deb's shop. She has the most gorgeous pottery!  Look at this  adorable sake set:

Friday, September 11, 2009

New Treasury

One of my favorite online friends, Klaire of mysticsilks, included my autumn wreath in a lovely Fall Treasury. She's getting a lot of kidding because she was in such a hurry to get it posted she has some typos in the title: LOvely FGall!  OMG---Remove the 'G' and you have...  
OMGG, KLaiGre ... it's beautiful!
Klaire does the most incredible paintings on silk. Here's one of her silk pillows which I think is stunning. Visit her shop - it's quite incredible!
Hearts Hand Designed Silk Pillow

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Celebrating a day late!

I had all good intentions of having a big celebration on the one-year anniversary of opening my etsy shop. But I kept forgetting to look and see what that date was. And I missed the whole thing - it was yesterday!!

Impatient as I am, however, I wish I had more hours in the day to create and that my sales would happen as frequently as I post new work. Overall, though, I'm happy I joined this community. And I think I'll hang around for awhile longer.

So - Happy Anniversary a day late, Another Bright Idea!

Shameless promotion: Help me celebrate by posting a comment on my September charades contest - see the link in the right sidebar.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Art Charity Opportunity

Calling all artists:

Lorrie Veasey (Our name is mud), one of my artist colleagues, is participating with The Creative Center for Cancer ( in a charity auction.

Lorrie has been charged with soliciting 250 pieces of unframed original 4 x 6 art in any medium-from acrylics to photography, collage to pen and ink and everything in between by September 24. This art will be on display and viewed by several hundred supporters which will include some gallery owners, art collectors and celebrities. Fine art by very well known artists will be auctioned off live, as well as celebrity art by actors such as Liam Neeson and Mia Farrow.

Read the whole story here:

And also visit - what a wonderful site!!

Wait - before you go to check it all out, be sure to drop a comment here to enter my contest - it's quick and easy.

Saturday, September 5, 2009


You can win this:

Or this:

Or this:

All you have to do is go here and post a comment about the wonderful artists featured and you'll be eligible to win a $15 gift certificate to my shop. I have many, many items listed at $15 or less, so you'll have lots to choose from.

Do it now! And, oh by the way, enjoy the long Labor Day weekend - the last gasp of summer!

Friday, September 4, 2009

New Treasury

My good fortune to be selected by my artist colleagues for a treasury seems to run in cycles. This is the second treasury in as many days. This one includes my Falling Leaves digital collage. It's called

designstyleguide fall collection
Created by: glassnwood

Stop by and visit all of those artists' shops, and you'll be amazed - again - at what a diversity of art and talent exists on Etsy. And stop by the creator's shop: Glassnwood is a husband and wife team, she creating stained glass and he creating wood carvings - two of my favorite things! Take a look.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

New Autumn Treasury

My newly posted Autumn Wreath made it into a Treasury:

The Treasury was created by ThingsOldeAndNew, a shop that offers both new and vintage jewelry and gifts. Take a look!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Drat!! Foiled Again!

Honestly, I did try to make this month's Charades contest tougher, so what happens! The first post gets it! I think I was so enthralled with the gorgeous art I was finding that I forgot to be not so literal. Congrats, Zendotstudio - and welcome to my blog!

So I'm going to say the same thing I have said before: you don't have to have the correct answer in order to post your comment and be entered into the big drawing. Let me know you're out there - don't be shy. These are three great artists (and me, too, the fourth!) so I'm sure they would love to hear what you think of their work. We all enjoy some positive feedback now and then - it keeps us going!
Cheer me up - paste a comment!

Sad Thoughts and Sunny Weather

"Sorrow and scarlet leaf,
Sad thoughts and sunny weather.
Ah me, this glory and this grief
Agree not well together!"- Thomas Parsons, 1880, A Song For September

That quote touches on what I feel about this time of year. For the last few days I have been in a mood - melancholy is probably the best word - a mood that seems to hit me when we start sliding from summer to fall. The best thing about living in Michigan is that we have very clearly defined seasons, but what autumn brings is so not what I look forward to. So few hours of daylight, the downward trajectory of the thermometer, the inevitable arrival of winter. Working at home as a full-time artist is by it's very nature a solitary pursuit, hours and sometimes days spent without human contact, especially since I'm selling online and depend on feedback from others who I "know" only online. When the weather turns cold and difficult, that sometimes imposes it's own kind of isolation. And that's the part I don't like since I don't tolerate cold and therefore never enjoyed winter sports. (To my mind, the only good part of winter is Christmas - arguably my favorite holiday. I think the year should be: Spring, Summer, Fall, one week of snow at Christmas, then Spring again!)

Thank goodness, the artist in me eventually emerges, the melancholy lifts, and I delight in the beauty that fall brings. It pulls me away from the last sad gasps of my garden by pulling my eyes upward toward the changing colors of the trees and the new slant of the sun. I'll soon be out with my camera trying as best I can to capture this short colorful season.

How about you? Does the weather affect you the way it does me? What's your favorite season? What is it about that season that affects you?

I recently found this quote that perfectly relates the weather to art:

Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting and autumn a mosaic of them all. - Stanley Horowitz

In spite of this melancholy, I have been working on autumn themed work, and just posted this in my shop:

I have a Bittersweet vine in my garden and every fall I refresh this wreath with more of its berries. Quite popular on my site are the note card set and the ACEO with the image of this wreath hanging on my front porch.

It also appeared in an Etsy Treasury (below) today:

bittersweet I'm in the mood for Autumn! Created by: thecleverkitty

If you have kids, you'll love her shop. Stop by.

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