Thursday, August 27, 2009


The winner for the giveaway – that beautiful drawing "Idle Hours" by Stacey of Artsnark – was picked by random number generator:

And the winner is:


Congratulations, Lynne!
Thanks to all of you who commented about the interview and the gorgeous drawing by Artsnark for our double giveaway. It’s always so fascinating to me to get to know the artist behind the work and Stacey proved to be a most intriguing and unique personality, not to mention an incredibly talented artist. This double giveaway was the most fun for us, and I hope to do more of these in the future.
Thanks, Stacey, for being such a great online friend AND for being such a wonderful artist!

If you are an artist, please contact me ( if you would be interested in participating in something like this in the future.


  1. Thank you, Felicia. This was a lot of fun & I enjoyed our virtual coffee talks :D Thanks to all who commented here & at ArtSnark.

    Congrats Artbylmr!

  2. Thanks for having the contetst! What a cool idea and prize~

    Lynne (artbylmr)

  3. Thanks to you also, Stacey, and congratulations to Lynne! it was a lot of fun!


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