Wednesday, August 19, 2009

In the Studio with Artsnark - with a Giveaway!

Today I’m in the studio with one of my online artist friends, Stacey of Artsnark Artifacts. Stacey and I belong to a few of the same Etsy teams (VAST and DSG) and she is one of my more faithful blog followers.

Stacey is featuring me on her blog today as well ( And we are BOTH offering giveaways. I'm offering your choice of one of my "liquid" digital collage prints along with free shipping.

But first, sit back and enjoy my visit with Stacey of Artsnark Artifacts, an interesting, uniquely talented artist.

FK: Tell me about yourself, Stacey.

When I was little, someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I answered "Eccentric!" (I was a weird kid). I've traveled a path filled with odd jobs, wonderful characters & interesting places. Some of them find their way to ArtSnark's Artifacts.

FK: You are a very busy artist! How many shops do you have?

Art -
Supplies and Vintage -
Steampunk/Assemblage Supplies -
Blog -
You can also find me on DeviantArt, ZNE, Creative Souls and at Arts On 9th in Tampa, FL

FK: I love your drawings. Actually, I’m very jealous because my drawings suck. Your drawings just pull me in –they have mystery and such depth that they make me want to know more about the subjects. And I love the quotes you put with some of your drawings as well. Tell me a little about your artistic process.

Art, like nature, is organic. It is constantly evolving. Experimenting with a variety of techniques and mediums is an integral part of my creative process.

For many years I had no interest in color. I was more about the shape & feel of a thing. Charcoal drawing was a meeting point for my two favorite art forms, sculpture and photography. While drawing, I preferred to use my hands rather than brush or pencil. Working the charcoal with my fingers lets me “feel” the image. Although the final product is 2-dimensional the process is similar to sculpting. I have a few of these drawings posted over at

While I have always been enchanted by light and shadow, I only became interested in color about 7 yrs ago through nature photography and alternative photographic techniques like Polaroid transfers.

FK: You have so much going on – do you ever suffer burnout?

About 6 yrs ago I hit a dry spell. I hadn’t realized how much I missed making things until I started again in Feb 08 when I discovered Art Trading Cards & the online art group ZNE I love ATC’s /ACEOs! They are the potato chips of art. Small & tasty and hard to have just 1.
Since then I’ve met the most amazing people online through Etsy, DeviantArt, blogging and other venues. The support & advice that they have given me has been key to resurrecting my muse.

FK: That’s funny – the potato chips of art! So those small and tasty art chips got you creating again …

Creation exists in the moment. It stops time, but it isn’t static. The organic process of becoming is what it’s all about for me. Sometimes I have an image in mind; sometimes I don’t. I take great pleasure in watching a piece Become. If it’s too easy to create, if it’s too polished, I like to push it further - see what it’s hiding, what it really wants to be. At times that “something” fights me every step of the way. But you know what...That’s fun reeling in that tough old fish you’ve been waiting for all day.

I now have lots of work in progress, including several drawings, two 36”H paintings, several “author’s boxes,” jewelry, a digital collage based on Goya and countless toys & gadgets.

FK: Anything else you want to tell us about yourself before we announce your giveaway?

Here’s a few more things about me:
Listening To – Monoral
Reading – Snakebitten: The confessions of a herpetologist
The Collected Works of T.S. Spivet
Lots of blogs
Watching – Mushi-shi (anime series)
Collector - tin toys, fossils, original art, eye candy & lots of dust!

And now for the giveaway. This piece measures 5 x 7 “ & is mounted in an 8” x 10” acid free mat. Watercolor pencil, ink & paint pen on scrapbook paper. Free shipping, domestic and worldwide. Stacey hadn't even listed this yet in her Etsy store!

"Idle Hours"

Curiosity is idle only to those who fail to realize that it may be
a very rare and indispensable thing.- James Harvey Robinson

All you have to do is make a comment to this post. That’s all! A name will be drawn from all the comments by random number generator NEXT THURSDAY (8/27). Yep, this giveaway is just for one week and is open to anyone, domestic and worldwide. So don't wait.

After you have commented, be sure to wander on over and visit Stacey’s shops. I know you’ll love everything you see there. And you can see my feature and giveaway at Stacey’s blog:

Thank you for a nice visit, Stacey, and for that fantastic giveaway!


  1. that's really pretty :) great job!

  2. These are beautiful, so much talent. Please enter me!


  3. What a great interview, both by the interviewer and interviewee!! And what an amazingly talented and creative artist Stacy is! I love every piece displayed. I really do. Monica

  4. Very nice interview - please enter me in the drawing!

  5. Great interview; great artist.

  6. I love 'Idle Hours'! If I ever have a daughter, this is the type of theme I would use to decorate her room- serene, gentle, fairy-like, feminine. The colors are so soothing. And now I can't wait to check out the 'potato chips of art'! Thanks for the discussion, Felicia and Stacey!

  7. Very pretty, and great conversation. Please enter me in the drawing, too!

  8. I loved the interview. Stacey is very talented, as are you. I especially liked "Missing You", I think you know why Felicia. It hit home!

  9. Please enter me. Idle Hours reminds me of alice in wonderful for some reason. It's so neat!


  10. I am always amazed at the vision an artist has when they look at something. I enjoyed the interview and all of the pieces, especially Missing You.

  11. such a pretty print, love the colors, esp. the blue and purple combined.

    micaela6955 at msn dot com

  12. these are so gorgeous! thanks for the entry!


  13. Engaging interview! I love Stacy's art and would truly treasure a piece on my wall.

    Thanks for the entry!

    espressogurl at hotmail dot com

  14. What an amazing print! I would put it in my living room or hallway if I won. Thanks!

  15. What a neat print! Just lovely

  16. Very creative artwork. I'd love to win.


  17. the interview is great! u have a nice touch of the creation.. nice work

    enter me.

    silverlilacc at hotmail dot com

  18. I wish I could draw like this! :)

  19. All her works are very inspiring. I love her creativity!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win this piece. The winner is going to be very lucky!

  20. I will try just one more time I love the work you both put out and I think the interview idea is a great one. More insight to such talented ladies. - tish

  21. I really enjoyed the interview and learning more about Stacey and her art. She's one of my favorites! I'd love to win her art piece.

    Linda B.
    MidwestieLady on etsy

  22. So happy Stacey featured you on her blog since now I have another great artist blog to follow! You guys are both amazing! Both winners will be very lucky.


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