Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Finally going to Hawaii????

Someday I will tell you the stories of several attempts to visit Hawaii that didn't pan out for me over the years. I still want to get there, but this wasn't the way I had planned!!! Sounds like it's weakening so I hope (I) it doesn't cause too much damage.


  1. The year my daughter was born, we had to leave a vacation spot because of a hurricane that was going to bring some pretty yucky weather. The funny thing was that her name is Isabel and the storm was named Isabel. I was really hoping at the time that it wasn't a omen of things to come with her. Fortunately, she's turned out to be a very happy, go along with the flow type of kid. THANK GOODNESS!

  2. Jodi, that was so ironic! Yes, thank goodness, your Isabel isn't a kid hurricane.

  3. How crazy!! Oh Felicia...I went to Hawaii for my honeymoon though it was cut short ...soo I think we should totally plan a TST Conference there..hehehe ....Jodi, I love that story...how amazing is that??

  4. I'm all for that, Natasha! There's several WONDERFUL etsy artists there that I'm sure would love to show us around.


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