Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Michigan, my beautiful, artistic Michigan

I'm a member of the Design Style Guide team on Etsy. The DSG team members create handmade decor items, and the team advertises the DSG online store to professional interior designers. I would like to introduce you to some fantastic Etsy artists from the Michigan DSG team.

TROPICAL PUNCH QUILT (30x40) by Kathy at Quiltswithheart. I love all things quilted, although I don't seem to have the patience to make them myself. You must stop in to see Kathy's beautiful work.

Earth Print in Color. When I saw Andie's shop, JavaJane, I thought "why didn't I think of that?" She creates artwork from architectural details that resemble letters of the alphabet. Andie is on vacation for a few weeks, but you can visit her shop and view her sold items and sign up to be notified when she returns.

Sitting Pretty by Jorjia . Jorjia has simply breathtaking nature and outdoor photography. Definitely worth your time to visit.
Egg Sprouts, Set of 2 Porcelain Egg Shells plus a packet of Wheatgrass Seeds, by Michelle at Revisions. Michele produces the most delightfully unique porcelain planters and pots, as well as jewelry, ceramics, and a variety of other items.

Footed Display Bowl of Cebil Wood by RonH
. I love the look and feel of beautiful wood, and Ron's love is evident as well in all of his handcarved wood bowls and trays. Simply elegant.

Squirrel with Nut Pendant Necklace by Ann at Suchprettycolors. Ann has a wonderful variety of items in her shop from artwork to jewelry to a large supply of lovely patchwork items.

Kris Cashmere Cream Pillow 57
by Christine at tallulahssatchels. Christine has pillows, scarves, wraps. She's also having a 30% off sale with free domestic shipping, so run on over to take advantage of the discount.

Tan/Grey/Blue/Slate Stoneware Birdbath with Solid Copper Chains and Iridescent Amber Marble Prisms by Michele at tapestryarabianfarm. She creates unique items for indoors and outdoors out of copper, steel, glass and stone. My garden is crying out for this gorgeous birdbath!

Small Butterfly Canvas Wall Art
by tracey at traceygarciadesigns. Tracey says she'll paint anything, and the unique and repurposed items in her shop reflect that. I love this little butterfly!

Lazy Afternoon an acrylic painting by Scott at TrilliumStudios. Many of Scott's paintings reflect Michigan landscapes and landmarks, and they make me appreciate my state's beauty even more.

Turnadaisy Woods 4 Recycled lazy susan style display for Bonsai Orchid or any special plant
by Suz and Mark at Turnadaisy. Turntables and lazy susans have been raised to high art in this shop. You just have to visit and see what they have done with what is usually an ordinary utilitarian item.

That's Michigan, my Michigan. A beautiful state, and beautiful artists!


  1. Lovely blog! Lovely representation of Michigan DSGuide members!


    Your Ohio neighbor

  2. What a great assortment of Michigan art from fabulous artists! I love "Lazy Afternoon". I have a few friends in Michigan, but have never been..... yet!

    ALoha, Lisabongzee

  3. Wonderful feature! Michigan has some of the best this planet has to offer, including you :)
    Thank you so much for including Turnadaisy and for the wonderful comments!

  4. There is a lot of talent in Michigan:) Thank you for featuring all these wonderful artists.



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