Friday, July 31, 2009

Let's Play Charades - August

It's time for the Charades game for the month of August.

How it works: I post art from various Etsy shops and each photo represents one word in the title, in the correct order. In most cases (but not all) I will ignore short prepositions (a, an, the).

The prize: A drawing will be held from all comments submitted for a free gift with free shipping from my shop. For this feature, your prize will be the last image shown here, from my series "Thoughts on Handmade Paper."

Also: The first person to submit the correct answer, in addition to being in the drawing, will receive another small gift from my shop, perhaps a gift card or an ACEO or some other surprise.

Want to increase your odds? You can be entered in the drawing up to three times: (1) Take your guess, (2) Tell us your favorite from one or more of these shops, (3) sign up to follow my blog. Winner will be selected by random number generator.

HINT: I strongly suggest that you visit each shop, because your clue may be in the title of the work, the tags, the shop name or anything else that might be included in that listing. And the artists can all use a little love!


What is it:

Time frame: Current

Good luck!

While you're here, remember you can still enter the July drawing. Since I started it late I'm running it til August 13. Stop by here and leave a comment or two.


  1. Felicia,

    I guess the book "Eat, Pray, Love". Can't remember the author, but it was a great book. I recommend it.


  2. Elizabeth Gilbert is the author.

  3. Hi Jodi - I knew that one would be too easy! Congratulations! I'll be in touch at the end of the contest with your prize.

    Everyone else: Don't stop now!! Post a comment about anything you like, but preferably a comment about your visit to any of these shops, and/or a note that you signed up to follow my blog.

    I'll be playing charades every month, but I might make it a little tougher the next time!

  4. Boy, am I conflicted. I'm excited that I won, but I kind of feel like I just ended the party. So sorry.

  5. Don't feel bad, Jodi. I'm excited that you won, too. My challenge is to make the titles tougher so that it might take awhile, but not so tough that people give up. AND to convince my readers that they don't have to have a correct answer in order to be in the drawing. So spread the word among your friends (and I won't mind a link from your blog! ;)

  6. Fun stuff - both the art & the game

  7. WTG Jodi! Now I have a new title/artist to read ~ thanks for sharing...I love this idea for your blog Felicia - looking forward to the next one...God bless! Dava

  8. I love that book, too! Elizabeth Gilbert's Eat, Pray and Love!
    What a great idea, Felicia :) - Fun stuff to do online! Wow :)

  9. Ohh...that was so easy....i wish i had been here earlier!

    I am following your blog for future games!


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